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What I have learned

When I started on the education Multimedia designer, I had never worked with coding, movie making or design before really. I had looked at some of the things that are within the education but never actually tried to work with them. I have always had an interest for wanting to try and make websites and work with movies/clips, but I never expected myself to like it as much as I found myself doing. I have enjoyed every single moment of the first year of the education and I have learned a lot, not only during the actual studies and with the theory behind all the work, but also as a person and by working together with an awesome group of people.

On a person level, I have learned to be more patient with people, and to really listen to other people’s ideas and thoughts on the different projects, since all ideas can lead to new ideas and solutions to designs, layouts and also to problem-solving even if at first it might not seem like a good idea, that idea together with others might lead to a more optimal idea in the end. This is a thing I found really important to have learned in this field, and also the point of being able to take criticism in a more positive way to try and build a better project as that is everyone’s interest in the group and not to just point fingers at each other, which should be the proof that no one is trying to be mean to each other, simply trying to get a better project in the end.

If we go to the more practical things I have learned on the first year of the education it is, the interaction part, which is HTML, CSS and jQuery. With the movie bit, I have learned how to clip movies together, and I have learned how to color grade movies which were my main job with the music video we made in one of the projects. I have also learned about the design rules which is something which helps with making and designing websites to make the layout better and more user friendly and nice to look at. These are some of the biggest things which I have learned so far on this education. These things also are things which is useful for me in the work I want to do after the education as I want to work with making and designing websites and all the things which tis includes, so this education I find really optimal for my goals later on.

Mobile UX – Abildskou Travel App.

For this project, I was the project coordinator. During this project, I learned a lot about coordinating everything from the time estimates, the coordination between the group members work, the decision taking and to make sure that people did what they had to on time. We had to design this webapp with mobile first in mind, which meant everything had to be designed for a mobile phone but also work both on tablets and computers. This I learned a lot from to be able to make layouts and code in ways that made this possible through flexbox grids. We all had to code on this project and something which I could have done differently were to be a lot better to delegate the different tasks between our members of the group, and possibly be a bit stricter when it came to the timelines of the different jobs that people had to do. I found out I tend to take more on my own plate than to let other people also get things to do which my group helped me realizing and deal with so we could get the project done on time.

Walther – Music Video.

For this project, we had to make a music video. Had it not been for this project, then I don’t know how much I would have tried to work with video making on my own. My main job during this project were to do the color grading of the video once the clipping was done. I also sat and helped a bit with the clipping and I learned a lot from this project when it comes to movie making. I also found that I actually enjoy it and find it fun to work with videos and I think of it as a big bonus to my main goal of this education which is to code and design websites and the interaction between all the objects on a website.

Exams project – Marketing strategy for LF services.

This is the biggest project I have been a part of on this education. We had to make a marketing strategy for a company called LF Services. We had to get a lot of elements to work together to achieve the goal of making LF Services more visible on the web and social media. This we had to achieve to get a landing page, their LinkedIn, a video and some offline marketing material to work together. There were a lot of theory and research in this project before we started with the more practical work of the different objects to prepare the layouts, designs and goals of the elements. I learned a lot about the research part which goes before the designing of the layouts and elements and I also learned how multiple elements can work together to achieve the goal of making one object more visible both online but also offline. During the more practical part of this project, my main duty was to make the landing page. Even though we made the design together, the mobile version worked, but we should probably have made the design of the computer differently as it didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. We did achieve the layout we wanted but the usability was not what we had hoped and therefore our design didn’t live up to ours nor the customers’ expectations. So, this would be something which I would do differently in this project, but if it had been a project in real life we would also have had time to refer with the customer more to get feedback on the design we had made prior to the end of the project.