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My name is Peter Bannow. I have studied Multimedia-designer at EASJ in Nykøbing Falster, with the goal of becomming a Web Developer with the skills to do the work of a web designer also. Here you can see my portofolio with the projects i have been working on. All links for the products are colored grey and will turn red when moused over. A sidenote for all the website which i have made through my education is that they all are only ment to be made as prototypes, which means some of them are not 100% optimized.

Project 1 Smoothmeals

This was our first real project at school where we had to make a website for a smoothie company. We wanted to have clean and easily accessible layout where you easily could find what you needed. As this were the first time I really tried to work with codes it was a bit of a challenge, but as a first website the outcome become pretty decent. My task during this project were to be in charge of the coding and therefore do the programming of the actual website we were building. To see the finished product, click the name of the project which is colored grey just above here.

Project 2

This were our second project at school. For this project our group had to make a website with something that could refeer as a webshop. Due to the fact that we hadnt learned that much yet we couldnt make a fully functional webshop, so it became more of a list of products and tips for decoration. We had the group of people that were gonna or just have moved away from home for the first time. Again with this project my role was to be in charge of the coding of the website. Also with this project we wanted a clean and easily accessible website. With the more experience and research from the previous projects the outcome became a bit better than the previous project. To see the finished product, click the name of the project which is colored grey just above here.

Project 3 Gamers - How To Turn Pro

This Project were split into two parts, one were for a school project and the other for a competetion for some innovation award for schools. The group and I spent alot of hours on this project. Tho the website we made were only a landing page for the full project as it was alot bigger than any of the other project we have made so far. I was in charge of coding the landing page again. This projects website should resemble the full website that our company if it would get that far would actually look like more or less in the end. To see the finished product, click the name of the project which is colored grey just above here.

Project 4 Codan Medicals

For this project which were our semester project we had to redesign the website for the company codan medicals. Me and another person in the group were in charge of the programming of the website while we all in the group dealt with the design of the website. Our goal with this website was to make it clean and to make it easy to find things on the website with the a complete look, as the company's website they had looked unfinished. We wanted to give it a overhaul but keep the basic of their current website the same. So we updated the design and made it easier to navigate and ended with a pretty decent finish. To see the finished product, click the name of the project which is colored grey just above here.

Project 5 Kirke Projekt

For this project we had to make a strategy for a project at a church which is trying to help out young people who are on the verge of or having a chance of ending in a criminal situation. The project were to make different workshops for young kids and people to have a place to have fun and make friends. Besides the strategy we had to make we also had to make a landingpage for the project and we decided to make a really plain and simple one which simply had a subscribe button to subscribe for a newsletter for the project. We all worked together in the group on the strategy and I got the extra job of coding the landingpage after we had come up with the layout of it.

Project 6 Mobile UX - Abildskou Rejse App

This project were made so we could learn how to make a webapp with mobile UX in mind. We deisgned the app to be simple without alot of stuff which posed no use at all for ordering a travel or finding the information about tickets and so on. My role during this project were to be the project coordinator, so I had to make sure that everything got done on time and to divide the different small projects between our group members. I were also a part of the coding and at the end I had to sit and put the app together with links to each page and other dynamics on the page. The result became a easy to use and simple webapp for ordering a travel with Abildskou bustravels.

Project 7 Walther - Musik Video

For this project we had to make a music video plus a wordpress website for the musician Walther. We made a music video for his song Stress which can be viewed on the website linked in the topic of this project. My personal role in this project were to do the colorgrading of the video and help out our main "clipper" with thoughts and ideas. The result became a video of both different free to use clips and clips we recorded us self, and the balance seems to play really well with the wishes that the artist had for the video. The website we had to design were a simple wordpress site which we set up and adjusted with the wishes of the artist him self. My role with the website were to work together with another group member to come up with a design and layout for the website.

Project 8 Exams project - LF Services

This is the biggest project I have been a part of so far. It was our first year exams project so we all felt that alot were at stake here. We spent the most of the time planning and researching while making the report we had to make for this project with the marketings strategy we had to make as the main objective for this project. We had to come up with a strategy which could make LF Services more visible on the online medias and in cooperation with some offline marketing make their LinkedIn and website more focussed on the web. All of the group members made the report and together making the final strategy. We then split the different work tasks between us of making the offline products, a short video, their LinkedIn optimization and a Landingpage for the company. My job were to make the landingpage with mobile first in mind, and the result can be seen on the link above.

Project 9 Streaming Academy

For this project we had to make a launch planning for a company. My group decided to make a plan for a company which we made up our self being about helping prople to want to start to stream or improve their skills as streamers. My job in this project were to make the website for the company including a forum and a fully functional login and registation system.

Project 10 Third Semester Project - MultimedieKlubben

For this project we had to redesign the website for a local media club called Multimedieklubben. My job were to code the actual website we came up with, but the result were only a prototype to show to the client, and if wanted to fully optimize the website afterwards.

Project 11 Internship - CxWeb

For my internship i were in a company called CxWeb, which were working on developing an application for commissioning in the construction business. My job during this period were to help program things for their application example automated pdf reports among other things.

Project 12 Final Exam Project - The Nordic Plate

This were my final exam for my education. For this project we made the basis for a new restaurant which based their key sale propositions on Vikings and technologi in form of Augmented Reality for the reservations and menu. My role were as team coordinator along with making the website and the database required for the website.


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